After leaving the beach called Matadoro we go up the slope to the main road and continue. We soon come to a leisure area , where we can take advantage of the machines installed by the local council and try to get into shape, whilst the youngsters go to the playground to have a go on the swings or use the slide. Next stop is São Sebastião`s beach, former outskirts of the town and location of small factories among them the fish cannery and the “Pirolito” factory, manufacturers of a well known local fizzy drink of either lemon or orange flavour. A little farther north there was a factory which produced fishing nets, all made by hand for the local fishing fleet. This place was also the site of the annual garlic fair or Saint James´s Fair on the 25 th of July each year. This fair has been greatly reduced and now only a few local producers turn up each year to sell their goods. Actually the area is a hugh parking lote with landscape gardens and a children`s playground. The area is above the beach , which is reached by way of a steep and narrow stairway. .

In the square you must visit the chapel, built in hexagonal form and the interior of which is completely covered with XVII th century tiles. There is a a festival each year on the 22nd of January, dedicated to São Sebastião and São Vicente.
We then go down to the beach of Algodio or North Beach, a very pleasant beach greatly appreciated by the summer holiday-makers. In the miradouro or view-point in the Fontainha square there was a small fountain that collected water from the Calvo stream and was used by the local people for domestic use.

We continue walking along the road that is followed by the procession in honour of our Lady of the Safe Journey in the summer. We then come to Ribeira beach also known as the fishermen`s beach, used by families with children, since it is protected from the the north winds. In December of 2010 a new sea wall was inaugarated to protect the fishing harbour and at the end of the wall a warning light was erected and a small tiled panel in honour of Our Lady of the Safe Journey was afixed beneath it.
“Our” boats arrive daily from the sea, bringing the good fish caught in their nets. The fish is taken to the auction shed where the fisherwomen and local restaurant owners bid for their fish. It is an interesting event to watch. Then of course if we want to eat the fish we need to go to the local fish market or better still sit down in one of our many excellent restaurants.

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